Wedding photo trends for 2018

Wedding photo trends for 2018

A selection of fun photography trends that you could incorporate into your big day

Whether you love the classic photoshoot or the more observational style of photography, it's a really nice idea to get a couple of really cool shots.

Friends and family will love them and they'll look ace on your wall!

Check out these fun wedding photo trends that you can incorporate into your Big Day.

Confetti shot
Don’t let your guests have all the fun with your confetti. Keep a bit for yourself and throw it towards each other or the lens for a cute ‘thank you card’ shot. confetti

Drone shot
You can’t get away from drones in 2018, so why not incorporate them into your wedding shoot? We predict that these will be really popular this year. drone

Golden hour
Every photographer’s dream. You’ll hear them talk of the ‘golden hour’ and ‘chasing the light’ but don’t let them keep you too long. You’ve got a party to attend, y’know. golden hour

Smoke bomb
Love these! Show off your personality with a little flare. You can get them in loads of different colours and they make for one epic wedding photo. smoke flare

Get your guests to create you an archway of sparklers to walk under or just let everyone go wild. It’s a nice start to the evening events and it gets everyone laughing and smiling. sparklers

Get the pets involved
Can’t bear to think of your day without your beloved dog? If they’re part of your day, make them part of the photoshoot. Why not put a GoPro on them and include them as extra footage for your Rockstar Wedding Video? dog

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