About Me

Hi, I am Hayley

About me

Hello! I’m Hayley and I love a good wedding, don’t you?

I’ve worked in broadcast TV for over 10 years on lots of lovely entertainment shows and I started Rockstar Wedding in 2016.

As a northerner living in Cheery Cheshire, I’ll talk your ears off over a brew and will happily discuss all of your wedding video needs if you email me.

I'm married to my lovely (Southern) husband, Gareth, who is a Technical Lead and made this wonderful website (fanks babes).

Why I started Rockstar Wedding

I want to offer an alternative to the traditional, same-shot, awkward wedding videos. If you don't want another stranger following you around all day but you want something to look back on, then we might be for you!

Capture the fun, silliness and joy of your wedding from the best seat in the house!

Your friends and family will get a handy how-to guide that will make sure you see all the bits you miss on our big day!

Let your wedding video reflect your day.

All the fun, mishaps and questionable dance moves. There’s no time-limit on your day (most videographers go home after the first dance, you get our cameras for two days after your wedding!) and we promise to include at least one montage of your party. There’s no stranger shoving a camera in your face, just your best mates and family members capturing all of the best moments.

I love it so much, I even did it for my own wedding.

My style

I have a ‘whatever the nearly-weds want’ style approach! If you love comics, you can have comic book style transitions or if you’re after a conventional wedding video, I can do that too - and anything in between!

I just want to make you a wedding video that will make you smile til it hurts when you watch it back.

Take a look around and if you like what you see, drop me an email, I'd love to chat to you.

Follow me on insta: I'm @truffle_mint