Frequently Asked Questions

So... how does it work.

Take a look at our 'how it works' page, but essentially - we post you cameras, your friends and family capture a relaxed, natural day, and you send the cameras back to us so we can professionally edit your big day.

How do we choose who to film?

In the morning, you'll want your bridal party to have the cameras and be capturing the fun of the morning but for your ceremony, have a think about who would take the best video for you.

They'll need to be sitting near the front and if they have a read over your handy tips and checklist booklet that we'll send you, they'll be fully prepared and get the best shots.

The cameras have a built in stabilisation and great quality sound recording plus we'll send you lots of tips in the booklets, so you don't need to worry too much.

Why Rockstar Wedding?

Rockstar Wedding videos capture the fun and personality of your day from the best seat in the house - your guests!

Guests are more relaxed around people they know filming, rather than a stranger with large kit and you get a more natural and honest representation of your day to cherish forever.

I have worked in Broadcast TV for 10 years and have been editing for longer, so you're in safe hands when you choose Rockstar Wedding Video. Check out the about me page to find out more about why you're picking the right person to edit your day.

What if someone is rubbish?

Notice someone pick up the camera and take a few wobbly shots? Not to worry, that's what we're here for! We'll edit your day so that it flows and is fun. Plus the camera has a built in stabilisation so you'll be surprised at how slick the shots look once we've added some sparkle in the edit.

Can I take the camera's abroad?

You sure can! We have worldwide insurance, so you'll be able to take the camera's with you wherever you're getting married in the world.

We'll chat with you before to discuss how long you're going for. There is a £50 per camera extra charge per week (so if you get a two camera package, you'll pay an extra £200 if you're away for two weeks).

We'll post them to you in the UK before you leave, you can take them away with you (we suggest putting them in your hand luggage) and you post them back when you return, along with all of the footage from your wedding abroad.

Who picks the music?

You do! No plinky plonky conveyor belt wedding music here, thank you very much.

Before we edit any wedding video, we speak to the nearly-weds and ask them a few questions such as - What songs will you be dancing to in the morning when you're getting ready? Do you have a song that is special to you both? What's your first dance? What song do you love to have a sing to? What's your favourite song at the moment? etc.

We'll include these in your wedding video so that it's completely personal to you.

What if someone breaks the camera?

Our insurance covers us for breakages or loss of the cameras - the limit of your liability is your £200 deposit, though in the unlikely event that the camera's do go missing we'd also require you to report that to the police.

If you have your own wedding insurance, check your terms and conditions of the excess. If it's zero, they may cover the £200 so there would be no cost to you.

When do we get the cameras?

You'll get your cameras posted to you in the UK about two days before your big day. We can either send them to your home address or your venue (depending on where you're staying) but they are sent recorded delivery so you'll need to make sure someone is there to sign for them.

We send them early so you have chance to have a play with the cameras (and see how fun and simple they are to use). It's one thing you can check off your list, so you can just enjoy the build up to your day.

You need to keep the original packaging that we send the cameras in and return them to us two days after your big day. We'll include a return postage recorded delivery label.

How long until I get my video?

Depending on the time of year, your video will be ready in 6-8 weeks, but can take up to 12 weeks during peak editing times.