Confetti cannons, animal onesies and Let's Party hats

Confetti cannons, animal onesies and Let's Party hats

A DIY weekend wedding in a beautiful arts house in Norfolk

Bit of a strange blog as it’s actually my own wedding! But nothing says I endorse my own business more than having my own Rockstar Wedding, right?

Basically it’s where it all kicked off. When we were planning, we knew we didn’t want to go with one of those staged, overly polished, cinema style videographers. It’s just not what we were about. We’d hired a photographer who takes great observational photos, mostly because my family look like they’re in pain when they’ve been forced to smile for the camera (sorry Morrey’s, you know it’s true) but were at their most gorgeous when they were goofing around with each other (thankfully, the lovely Ellie snapped lots of that too!).

So, we invested in a 4K camera and a couple of HD cameras and asked our friends and family to film the day... and the rest is history! We got to see our wedding from the perspective of our guests, they captured some of the most hilarious moments (ones that only friends can get) and some very questionable dance moves. It turned out to be one of the highlights of the wedding and we get to relive it all over again.

We chose Norfolk because… well, honestly, my family are up north, Gaz’s are down south, we got a map, drew a level line from the both and ended up in Norfolk! Job done.

I have five sisters and asked them all to be my bridesmaids. We’re not typical girly girls so rather than standard sparkly, silky bridesmaids PJs, I bought some animal onesies for my zoo! Complete with sparkly diamante names, of course. They went down a right storm. Excellent choice, if I do say so myself.

truff blog1

We made all the buttonholes and my flower crown in the morning. Luckily we didn’t need to do much venue dressing at all because Voewood is just a stunning house and it’s the reason we chose it.

Apparently everyone’s favourite part of the wedding was a slight mishap that happened during the ceremony. I may have done a Ross and called Gareth by the wrong name during the ceremony. My excuse is that everyone was getting a bit sniffly and I wanted to inject a little humour into the proceedings. But obviously that’s a big fat lie and the nerves/ giggles got to me and I skipped his first name and went straight to his middle name… which also happens to be his dad’s name. SORRY DAVE. Hey ho, it can’t all go swimmingly can it?

Luckily Gaz found it hilarious and married me anyway. I’ve checked the wedding certificate. I definitely married him.

truff blog ceremony

So... food is expensive isn't it? We didn't want to spend £90 per head and end up marved. A full sit down meal and silver service wasn't really the kind of style we were going for on the day either. So we hired a fish and chip van and everyone collected their own food. It was so brilliant and I'm so glad we did it that way. Plus everyone bonded over their love of curry or gravy. (Curry obvs.)

truff blog food1

The rest is a blur of ice cream bicycles, donuts, pick n mix and tea (I hear ya. You can’t beat a good brew). We didn't want a cake so we decided to make a tower of Krispy Kremes. My friend Vicky made us a little sugar flower crown and top hat for the top donuts!

truff blog food2

After food and speeches, we asked our guests to explore the wonderful rooms and grounds at Voewood (or pop to the casino we’d set up in the games room) whilst the room was turned around for the evening.

truff blog casino

We danced to a bit of Otis Redding, Wonderful World, and let off some confetti cannons mid way through - scaring the life out of most of our guests - and then all hit the dancefloor with a playlist compiled by everyone in attendance!

truff blog party

We changed into our flashing Let’s Party hats, handed out the bubble guns and threw some (very questionable) shapes on the dancefloor.

We just left the cameras lying around all day and our guests were brilliant. We got some of the funniest footage and I loved every second watching it all back. I’d do the party again tomorrow.

My faves from the wedding video:

1 Animal onesies with my girls was so much fun.

2 When you call your husband by his dad's name when you're getting married and everyone cracks up... (hides under a rock)

3 Someone captured the Reservoir Dogs boys photoshoot! Brilliant.

4 PARRRTAY! Everyone's favourite bit.

Watch The Truff Trailer again here 💎


Photography: Ellie Gillard

Venue: Voewood

Casino: Fun Casino Events

Fish & Chips and Ice Cream: Galley Slaves