Ducks, Disney and a cutout of the Groom

Ducks, Disney and a cutout of the Groom

A Mitchin' weekend wedding camping extravaganza in Surrey

Kayleigh and Ant had an awesome, weekend long celebration of their wedding at Ridge Farm in Surrey.

What a way to do a wedding. Camping, BBQs, swimmings pools, hot tubs and all of your favourites in the one place for whole weekend celebration.

They had the most wonderful duck themed wedding! From a lilypad table plan to laser-cut ducks for the table names (handmade by the groom himself),


with personalised rubber duck favours and a duck wedding cake, this wedding was just full of personality and individuality.


It was great to see a select handful of guests all chipping in the day before, tying chair bows, ironing table covers and making an epic restaurant worthy dinner! All of which made for a wonderful day-before montage on the wedding video.

We loved watching it back with family and friends and reliving the day. We even saw some fun stuff we hadn't seen before!

Even though it poured it down (lucky init) for the first day of Kayleigh and Ant's weekend wedding celebrations, everyone spent the whole day laughing. From the ceremony, through to the best man speech and the party, it was so fun to watch back.


I am aware when editing a wedding that, whether we want to admit it or not, we’re all quite vain and people mostly want to see if they can get a peek of themselves! So I generally will cut the ceremony down to a few minutes and focus on the party, but this one was so fun that I couldn’t help leaving loads in!

It was lovely to watch the footage and there was loads that I wanted to leave in, from silly faces during the ceremony to a double whammy party section (usually there is just one but this is everyone’s favourite part right?), so I did!

My favourite parts about this wedding…

1 Kayleigh and her bridesmaids were just sooo excited in the morning, it was just infectious

2 The groomsmen reenacting a scene from Gordon Ramsey’s show had me in stitches! That’s why I love Rockstar, you would never get that kind of silliness with a professional videographer.

3 The Father of the Bride’s first look… ah man, pass the tissues #tearingupoverhere

4 All those faces during the ceremony.

5 The Best Man’s speech was just top-notch!

6 Those ducks!

7 Under the Sea! A Disney first dance. WHAT is not to love there!

8 SO MUCH fun from the party. Dance offs, synchronised dance moves and that cardboard cut out of the Groom resurfacing. You can really see how much everyone was enjoying themselves.

(I mean, I know that’s the whole wedding right? So yes, I basically loved it all!)

Thanks for letting me edit your wedding Ant and Kayleigh, it was a pleasure.


Watch The Mitches wedding again here :)